Malkin Attacks Michelle Obama For Target Visit

In a September 29 blog post, Michelle Malkin attacked Michelle Obama for shopping at an Alexandria, VA, Target store, writing that Obama went “about as 'incognito' as Lady Gaga's outfit at her younger sister's graduation.” Malkin went on to call the first lady “the glamour queen” and further stated that Obama's Target visit was “to counter the negative diva buzz” and that it “looks like she left the bling at home.” From the post:

The East and West Wings of the White House are guilty of more cheesy stage-managing than the Emmy, Oscar, and Tony Awards shows combined.

Last week, the glamour queen wore more than $40,000 worth of diamonds while partying with hubby at several high-priced fundraisers in New York. Her bling made international headlines and photos.

To counter the negative diva buzz as most Americans face hard economic times, Mrs Obama somehow managed to turn up at an Alexandria Va. Target (with her “shopping assistant” in tow).


Snortalicious headline: “Michelle Obama shops incognito at Target (Photo).”

Such tools.


Looks like she left the bling at home.

But her shirt and sunglasses are about as “incognito” as Lady Gaga's outfit at her younger sister's graduation.


I bring “shopping assistants” with me when I go to Target, too! My daughter pushes the cart. My son hangs off it.

Celebrity first ladies...they're just like us!


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