Days after calling for a military coup, Michael Flynn tells Jeanine Pirro that governors should “not certify these elections”

Flynn also calls Sidney Powell “America's guardian angel of justice” as she tries to subvert the election

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Citation From the December 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine

JEANINE PIRRO (HOST): It is so good to see you, so good to have you on Justice. We are very, very happy to have you on and very pleased with your pardon. Let me get right to it.

Barack Obama, when Donald Trump came in as president, said that there were two people that Trump should worry about: Kim Jong-un and General Michael Flynn. How did you get into that distinguished group? And now that you're a free man, why not blow the lid off all of them and tell us what you knew that they didn't want us to know. 

MICHAEL FLYNN (GUEST): I must have put the fear of God into Barack Obama and probably still do because of -- because of this long, 4 year-long saga that they put me, my family through, President Donald J. Trump and his family and frankly the entire country, Jeanine. So, yeah. I mean, I wish somebody would pin him down and ask him what that question is -- one of these days I'll lay it out. But pretty -- pretty amazing for the transition of the United States of America from one president to another, that was the 2 points that President Obama wanted to share with -- with the President-Elect at the time, Donald J. Trump. Amazing. 

PIRRO: But -- but -- but, you know, and you're gonna -- you can't, like, give us an idea, an inkling. So many of us were cheering for you. I mean, what was it that they -- why did they want to stop you? Why Judge Emmet Sullivan? 

FLYNN: Well, he knew -- right, the -- President Obama knew that -- that Donald Trump was going to have me in some capacity in his administration and -- and likely there as national security adviser or in some other position. So, clearly when -- when he chose me to be the National Security Advisor, they -- they knew that their -- their little plan of spying on Donald Trump would fall apart and many other foreign policy blunders that they got our country into, whether it was the -- the Iran deal, issues going on in the Asian-Pacific theater, trade. All sorts of issues that were in play that the last administration did to frankly run this country right into the ground. So, they knew that -- that those were the types of things I was aware of because -- I mean, let's face it, Barack Obama appointed me twice. I was Senate-confirmed twice during the time I was in the military. So, you know, it's amazing that -- that that would be what he would focus on during the transition for the United States of America. Just -- it's outrageous, actually. 

PIRRO: It's unbelievable. Let me ask you, Sidney Powell. I mean, you know better than anyone else about Sidney. She doesn't give up. She is now involved in the presidential election. She's talking about all kinds of fraud. Do you think that she's on to something? 

FLYNN: Yes, absolutely. And I call Sidney Powell the -- America's guardian angel of justice. If you -- if -- her client, so Sidney Powell's client are the people of the United States of America and that's who she is fighting for right now. She has her teeth into Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin. And the stuff that she has laid out in her various filings and it is going to play out here. And as the president just said tonight, he mentioned some of the issues that we know are -- are just a complete disaster and embarrassment for our country in this latest fraudulent election, where there was in fact massive fraud. I mean, it's just incredible. We have to take and stop all engines right now. And all these governors and all these quote-unquote leaders of their states, they have to take responsibility and do something right now to stop what they're doing. Do not certify these elections and basically go back and do a far more detailed, technical mail ballot and signature audit, instead of just saying -- saying to the American people, "Hey, nothing to see here. We're just going to continue to move on to an inauguration." I'm sorry. That's not what the American people want and frankly the American people won't stand for it. 

Flynn's appearance with Fox host Jeanine Pirro comes just days after he called for a military coup to overthrow the presidential election.