After calling for a military coup, Michael Flynn is set to appear on Fox with Lou Dobbs

On the December 3 edition of his Fox Business show, Lou Dobbs will interview disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn. On Monday, Flynn tweeted a call for President Donald Trump to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution until a new election is held.

Calls for Trump to fascistically overthrow the will of the American people are becoming more widespread. Former Trump campaign lawyer and Flynn’s personal attorney Sidney Powell recently retweeted a call for a coup and establishment of military tribunals to overthrow the election results. One America News, Trump’s new favorite channel, aired an interview with a retired Air Force general who also called for Trump to enact a coup.

The interview is unlikely to be contentious. Dobbs himself has urged Trump to take “drastic action” to remain in office.

Flynn’s call for a coup enacted by the president falls in line with his history of disseminating violent conspiracy theories. He is both a supporter of the violent QAnon conspiracy theory and a hero to its adherents. Recently, Flynn falsely suggested that China manipulated voter tabulations to elect President-elect Joe Biden.

Barely a week before Flynn called on Trump to enact a coup, Trump had announced on Twitter that Flynn was receiving a “full pardon.” Flynn was still undergoing criminal prosecution for two charges of lying to the FBI during special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. Trump’s pardon expanded beyond those charges, shielding Flynn from charges related to his work as an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey and any potential perjury he may have committed during his trial or during Mueller’s investigation. Some legal experts suggest the pardon may be the broadest presidential clemency issued since President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon in 1974.

Fox is granting airtime to a conspiracy theorist who called for the president taking fascistic measures to overthrow the will of the American people -- reinforcing that the network has no bottom to its moral depravity.