Morgan blasts Media Matters “cretins”


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On January 29, KSFO Morning Show conservative radio host Melanie Morgan called Media Matters for America a “left-wing crackpot organization” and said “you can count on the fact that the cretins over at Media Matters ... will be taping us.”

Media Matters has documented multiple examples of smears and falsehoods by Morgan and others on KSFO's Morning Show. Most recently, on January 23, Morgan repeated the discredited smear that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) attended a madrassa and added a new, equally baseless accusation that the story came from the campaign of former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC).

From the January 29 edition of KSFO's Morning Show:

MORGAN: Oh, my goodness, we have so much to talk about this morning. I just want to remind everybody that since the combination this morning is Brian Sussman, myself, and Officer Vic, you can count on the fact that the cretins over at Media Matters and some of the other Vulcan spotters will be taping us and replaying -- if you miss anything this morning, the good news is that you'll be able to go to the left-wing crackpot organization called and find anything that we say completely out of context.

So, just, you know, don't worry about things. If you have to, you know, run off to school or to work and you want a replay, or you want a transcript, we'll all be there, I'm certain, this morning, so -- just thought I'd let you know.