Democrats are "counting on" COVID "fatalities" to win Election against Trump

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Citation From the March 13, 2020, edition of Still Standing with Michael Caputo

MICHAEL CAPUTO (HOST): A great example of why the president shouldn’t be president of the United States is how he’s handled the Wuhan virus, right? I can see that. But what is behind that strategy? What has to happen for the president to lose in this new Democratic strategy? It’s very, very clear they’re counting on two things: fatalities of course, fatalities because the more people that die, the more personal tragedy there is and that’s emotional and it gives Democrats a chance to harvest, let’s just say, waning enthusiasm in the president. A lot of people die, the Democrats win. The second thing is the Democrats have been hobbled, really hobbled by the president’s strong economy. Of course, you know, we see in history that presidents, Republican and Democrat, who are presiding over a strong economy are typically reelected. Of course why make a change if you’re making money? [Still Standing with Michael Caputo, 3/13/20]