The strangest Hitler comparison in a long, long time

Newsbuster Warner Todd Huston, writing on his own web site, comes through with the weirdest liberals-are-like-Hitler paragraph you're likely to read this month:

Being a liberal is like being Hitler, murderer of over six million human beings, were he to have tsk tsked Pol Pot for being so evil as to have murdered three million Cambodians. There is no sense of shame with a liberal. They have no sense whatsoever that anything they've ever done should temper their reactions to the actions of others. They have no understanding of the old saw of throwing stones in glass houses.


The substance of Huston's bizarre screed is just as bad. Huston is blasting liberals for criticizing Sarah Palin for writing crib notes on her palm before a Q&A session at this weekend's Tea Party festivities. See, Huston thinks this is hypocritical of the liberals, because President Obama often uses a teleprompter:

OK, let's take just a minute to go with that concept. Let's say that anyone that has to have notes for every single appearance is an idiot that cannot remember to draw a breath unless he has a note to remind him to do it.

If that is a solid point to make, we have but one word that can put little Steffie in his place, make Sarah seem like a genius, and diss his messiah all at once. That word...


That's right folks, if Sarah is an idiot for having four or five words scribbled on her palm to remind her of the order in which she wants to address the issues, then what is president Obama that has to set teleprompters up in a sixth grade class room to talk to the folks there?

Huston is right that there is hypocrisy at play here, but he somehow manages to miss the fact that it's Palin's hypocrisy. See, Palin bashed Obama for using a teleprompter even as she relied on notes scribbled on her hand to get through her appearance:

“This is about the people, and it's bigger than any one king or queen of a Tea Party, and it's a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter,” she said.

That was just one of several digs at President Obama. (Ms. Palin herself read a prepared speech.)

Huston wraps up his embarrassing little rant by declaring liberalism a “mental disorder” :

See what I mean about liberals? They have no sense of shame, no sense of proportion, not a single firing synapse to guide them. It truly is a mental disorder.