Fox’s Mark Levin on network policy against participating in campaign events: “No corporation” is going to stop me

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Citation Ceci Freed / Media Matters | Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

In an apparent rebuke of Fox News’ claim that the network “does not condone any talent participating in campaign events,” Fox’s Mark Levin said on his radio show yesterday that he didn't violate any rules by appearing at a campaign rally this week. He added that he’ll do campaign events if he wants to and “nobody on this planet is going to stop me. No corporation, no left-wing group, … nobody.”

Media Matters previously reported that Levin, who hosts a weekend Fox News program, has apparently violated the network’s purported policy regarding campaigning. He appeared at a campaign rally on Monday in support of Republican Geary Higgins’ Virginia state Senate campaign. (Higgins lost the crucial race, which helped deliver control of the state Senate to Democrats.) Levin also appeared at another rally for Higgins in May and at a July 2018 rally for Florida Republican Ron DeSantis’ successful gubernatorial campaign. 

Media Matters subsequently asked Fox News if those campaign appearances were approved by the network but did not receive a response. The Hollywood Reporter’s Jeremy Barr also contacted Fox but reportedly did not receive a reply. 

Levin angrily responded to Media Matters on his syndicated radio program by claiming he “didn’t violate any rules” and he would continue to do campaign events if he wants to regardless. 

Mark Levin says he'll continue doing campaign events

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Citation From the November 6, 2019, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

Levin stated that Media Matters is “very upset that I supported a local candidate for the state Senate in my own community as well as other local candidates. And you see, I violate the rules at Fox, they said. Let me explain something to them and the whole world: I didn’t violate any rules, number one. Number two is I will never be silenced, ever.” 

He later added: “If I want to support a friend who’s running for the state Senate, well damn it, I will do it. I should have done more for him. If I want to support my local sheriff then damn it, I will do it. And nobody on this planet is going to stop me. No corporation, no left-wing group funded by billionaire, American-hating pukes. Nobody.” 

Media Matters has documented that Fox News has inconsistently enforced its purported policy against network talent participating in campaign events.