Sebastian Gorka's pathetic defense of Trump's press conference with Putin: “He's just a human being”

Gorka: “I'm not saying it's the best press conference he ever gave but I can tell you because I saw it when I was in the Oval with him, he's just fed up”

From the July 16 edition of CRTV's Louder with Crowder:

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Today, obviously, it's the trend everywhere. Optics-wise, how do you think this has been for President Donald Trump? Good, bad, worse? It seems like it wasn't a great day. 

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Yeah, I'm trying to think -- what else did we expect, Steve? I mean, really. What was the mainstream media going to do, suddenly surrender and say, “Oh my, what a great president Donald Trump is” ? I'm not saying it's the best press conference he ever gave but I can tell you because I saw it when I was in the Oval with him, he's just fed up with this Russia collusion absurdity. And if you see the way they're mixing up the Mueller investigation on collusion with the question of the election tampering by these GRU agents, he's just had enough. And to think that they didn't ask one important question about Syria, nuclear weapons, Germany getting in bed with Russia, it's just like the [Peter] Strzok testimony last week, they unveiled themselves for who they are. The mainstream media isn't doing journalism anymore, Steven.  

CROWDER: I agree with you, and I think there are two things that are often conflated like you touched on. So one, this idea that President Trump colluded with the Russians, of which, there is really no evidence. Right, I think --

GORKA: Zero.

CROWDER: -- we agree on that. But then number two, as you said, the Russian meddling in the election for undue influence in the American -- there seems to be some evidence for that. But two separate issues, they try to conflate them. So, as someone who is generally a supporter, a fair critic with Donald Trump, why wouldn't President Trump take the opportunity to distance himself from the collusion accusations with this fake news by just condemning the Russian meddling when he's got [Vladimir] Putin right there. That's one thing I will say, as a supporter -- if he does that, that helps him. 

GORKA: No, I think that's definitely a hypothetical thing he could do, but I think he's just fed enough-- fed up. Look at what they've done to him and his family, when they actually say that, you know, your son is committing treason. When you got the former director of the CIA -- the former director of the CIA John Brennan, who before he joined the CIA at the height of the Cold War, admitted to voting for the Communist Party. And he has the gall today to call the president treasonous? In 1976 when John Brennan did that, the Soviet Union wanted to turn us into a sheet of glass. I think that's a little bit more treasonous. He's just being a human being. Steven, if you were being attacked personally every day in the media for being a traitor, not just the attacks you get every day, but actually being a traitor with regards to one issue, the Russian election, I think you'd be fed up too, especially if they're attacking your family.


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