Lou Dobbs: Disney and Netflix will face “retaliation ... and it will escalate to the disadvantage and destruction of all” if they leave Georgia over extreme abortion bill 

From the May 30 edition of Fox Business News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

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LOU DOBBS (HOST): The abortion divide will likely only widen, but we can avoid irrationality and inflicting unnecessary wounds in the name of either side of the debate upon the innocent. Already, two companies are threatening boycotts of the state of Georgia because their CEOs apparently believe that they must represent the wishes of their employees who, as Disney's Bob Iger put it, quote, “will not want to work there,” end quote. Saying he will have to heed their wishes. That is, by any definition, a straight-out threat. Netflix's Ted Sarandos has declared that Netflix won't produce movies and television in Georgia if that abortion ban is implemented. 

These two companies are public, not private companies, and I hope they will rethink their threats. Their otherwise bright and responsible leaders would, without question, be violating their fiduciary duties and in the process harming only innocents who work in their industry, making them collateral damage in a partisan, religious, and ideological debate and conflict that is deeply unfair to those innocents. And most assuredly, if Iger and Sarandos carry out their threats, retaliation from the other side will follow, and it will escalate to the disadvantage and destruction of all. It is time for deeper thinking and not reflexive virtue-shaming on the part of CEOs that is destructive for everyone's interests. They are, after all, leaders. Do better. It will make for a much happier ending.


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