Lou Dobbs attacks Nancy Pelosi for talking like “a queen” and “not a real American”

Dobbs: “That’s very chilling”

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Citation From the January 9, 2020 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Fox News is told that McConnell now expects Pelosi to turn over the party's sham articles of impeachment, both of them, to the Senate, and that may happen we're told as early as tomorrow.

The speaker of the House ramming those articles through the House in record time more than three weeks ago because of so-called urgency, saying, Pelosi did, that the country couldn't afford to wait for the president to actually go to court and have these issues resolved.

Now, during her weekly news conference, Pelosi remained absolutely quiet on just when she would take action.


She speaks more like an aristocrat, a queen of some sort, doesn't she? I mean that's very chilling. Not real American. Do you think -- I mean, anyway, we'll see. I guess she gets a snuff box next.