Lou Dobbs attacks the media for not reporting on how much fun is being had inside the White House: “The joint is hopping”

Dobbs: “There's sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face”

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Citation From the September 12 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): The adversarial, nasty -- almost the most acrimonious bunch of folks I have ever seen in a White House press corps -- will never see what the atmospherics truly are in the White House.

That's a shame, because they won't be reporting on what is remarkable in that White House now. 

So, a few concluding thoughts for this broadcast. A lot is happening in Washington and all across this great country of ours, and it's because we have a president who is a true leader, in my opinion. One I happen to believe will be regarded as one of this country's greatest presidents, indeed, our greatest.

I spent some time in the White House yesterday, and I want to give you an unauthorized quick update on the atmosphere that I witnessed in the White House.

The demeanor of the folks working for this president, for the people, it couldn't be more positive. The mood in that White House couldn't be more high energy.

I have seen a number of White Houses. I happened to have seen this one in its early days, and I have seen it now.

And I want you to know the joint is hopping.

At every level, on every floor, this White house is energized. There's sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face.

It's winner, and winning center, and our White House, our President, is at the top of his game.