Lou Dobbs misrepresented a poll that had the president at 55% unfavorable, and Trump tweeted it out as “great news”

Fox Business host and Trump sycophant Lou Dobbs last night falsely stated that 55% of Americans approve of President Donald Trump. Dobbs was using the results of a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service survey that had actually found 55% of registered likely voters had an unfavorable view of Trump. But a graphic on Lou Dobbs Tonight incorrectly showed 55% overall approval of the president. Trump, who regularly watches Dobbs’ show and often speaks with him on policy matters, shared the graphic with his Twitter followers as “great news.”

As reporters and the director of the institute noted, the survey had found that Trump’s approval rating was at only 43%.

Not only was the graphic incorrect, but Dobbs himself repeated the false figure three times:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): The president’s victories are showing up in the polls. According to a Georgetown University poll, the president's overall approval is now 55% -- let’s hear that, 55% -- and the approval rating for the president's handling of the economy, a robust 58%. Fifty-five percent is pretty robust too, don't you think?