Fox's Lou Dobbs Praises Trump's Extreme “Initial Bargaining Position” On Immigration

Lou Dobbs: “Trump Has Changed The Initial Bargaining Position, Deportation Of 11-And-A-Half Million Illegal Immigrants, He Has Established That As The Fulcrum For The Debate”

From the September 16 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

LOU DOBBS: Every time I see him I marvel at how clear and plain his language is. He is not talking to you and me or to the other folks in the Republican Party or the Democrat. He is talking to the American people. He cuts to it. And he's saying point-blank he's going to fix illegal immigration. Is he saying it in harsh terms? Without question. But he has changed the initial bargaining position. We haven't heard the words 'comprehensive immigration reform' for a very long time, which is basically amnesty, giving citizenship to 11-and-a-half million, 12 million illegal immigrants. Trump has changed the initial bargaining position. Deportation of 11-and-a-half million illegal immigrants. He has established that as the fulcrum for the debate on what we do about the our illegal immigration crisis and our border security crisis.  


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