The right-wing race-baiting revue: Schlessinger's rant is just the latest act

Dr. Laura Schlessinger's racially charged rant, in which she “articulated the 'n' word all the way out -- more than one time,” is only the latest in a year of public displays of racially loaded rhetoric by right-wing media figures.

Dr. Laura's N-word rant rounds out a year of racially charged right-wing rhetoric

Schlessinger “articulated the 'n' word all the way out.” On the August 10 edition of her radio show, Schlessinger repeatedly -- in her own words -- “articulated the 'n' word all the way out -- more than one time.” Among other things, Schlessinger also told an African-American caller that she had a “chip on [her] shoulder.” The full transcript of her remarks can be found here:

Beck suggested Obama doesn't believe all men are created equal. On his August 3 Fox News show, after claiming that President Obama “knows” that Arizona police “will act stupidly” and “be racist,” Glenn Beck asked, “Does he believe that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights?”

Levin accused Obama administration, Sen. Menendez of “race-baiting.” On the July 28 edition of his radio show, Mark Levin said, “Then there's Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, a race-baiter. That's right, I said it. Write it down, and you'll hear it. I think these people who pander to specific ethnic groups are race-baiters. This administration is race-baiting”:

Beck: "[R]acist" is “too small of a word” to describe “those in power.” On July 26, Beck said that “I have learned a lot. We don't need to call people names. We don't have to. Their words are evidence enough. They cannot make the argument in the open. They know no man of any color would choose to be enslaved, so they have to lie, they have to cheat. I don't think that those in power and those who seek even more power are racists, as I have come to understand that 'racist' is too small of a word. I believe these people will enslave any man -- it doesn't matter what color they are”:

Limbaugh called Obama “the most-racial president” During the July 22 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said, “So, we're supposed to have a post-racial president. Instead, Barack Obama is the most-racial president.”:

Limbaugh accused Eric Holder, DOJ of racism. During the July 21 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh discussed the “amazing story of Shirley Sherrod,” asking, “If we're going to fire Shirley Sherrod on the basis of racism, then why the hell does Eric Holder still have a job?” Limbaugh later falsely claimed that Holder “has ignored the voting and civil rights of white people in Philadelphia, all because the perpetrators of the voter intimidation, the New Black Panther Party, were black”:

Monica Crowley: Sherrod may be among the “racists” in the Obama administration. Discussing Andrew Breitbart's truncated video of Sherrod on The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley suggested that Sherrod may be among the “radicals, racists, socialists” in the Obama administration:

Limbaugh said the “NAACP is as racist an organization as there has been and is in this country.” On July 20, after calling the edited video promoted by Breitbart “great work,” Limbaugh said the “NAACP is as racist an organization as there has been and is in this country”:

Breitbart: Sherrod tapes show racism. On Hannity, Breitbart responded to criticism of his advancement of the deceptively edited Sherrod video by saying that the full video shows racism “far worse than anything that has ever been alleged against the tea party”:

During initial response to bogus Sherrod story, Gingrich said Sherrod was “viciously racist.” On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace played video of Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on Hannity saying, “I often disagree with this administration, but firing her after that kind of viciously racist attitude, was exactly the right thing to do”:

Doocy: Sherrod's comments were “Exhibit A” of “what racism looks like.” Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy said that Sherrod made “a speech to the NAACP that sure sounded racist.” Later, after guest host Alisyn Camerota asserted that Sherrod's remarks are “outrageous, and perhaps everybody needs a refresher course on what racism looks like,” Doocy responded that Sherrod's comments were “Exhibit A”:

Gingrich: Holder “should certainly resign over the racism inherent in the Black Panther case.” On the July 19 edition of Fox News' Hannity, Gingrich said that Holder “should certainly resign over the racism inherent in the Black Panther case”:

Ingraham: Obama “channeled his best Jeremiah Wright accent” in NAACP speech. Talking about a speech Obama gave to the NAACP, O'Reilly Factor guest host Laura Ingraham said: “Last night, President Obama spoke to the NAACP and channeled his best Jeremiah Wright accent.” After airing a clip of Obama's remarks, Ingraham added: “Now, why does the first African-American president feel the need to affect an accent that he clearly does not possess? Or is that the way people speak in Honolulu? It's a cheap attempt to pander to an audience that already supports him”:

Savage: "[W]e wind up with Barack Obama as president because of white guilt." On the July 8 edition of his Talk Radio Network show, after quoting Booker T. Washington, Michael Savage said that “we wind up with Barack Obama as president because of white guilt”:

Breitbart, Asman agreed Obama is “defending racism” in New Black Panthers case, which is “virtually the same” as being racist. On the July 6 edition of Fox Business Network's America's Nightly Scoreboard, Breitbart agreed with host David Asman, who stated that while it “may or may not be true” that Obama is a racist, “in letting the Black Panthers off,” Obama “is defending racists,” which is “virtually the same, in my mind, as to whether you're a racist or not”:

Quinn: Members of the civil rights community are “race-baiting poverty pimps.” During the July 6 broadcast of Clear Channel's The War Room with Quinn & Rose, Jim Quinn said he calls the “so-called civil rights community” “the race-baiting poverty pimps”:

Limbaugh “speculate[d]” that Michelle Obama didn't attend Sen. Byrd's funeral because of her “authentic slave blood.” On his July 2 show, while discussing Sen. Robert Byrd's funeral, Limbaugh said that “as has been said by several black civil rights leaders, Obama does not have authentic slave blood. But Michelle does, and maybe that's why” she didn't attend the funeral:

Discussing New Black Panthers case, Severin says Obama is “demonstrably a racist.” During the June 30 edition of his WTKK radio show, Jay Severin discussed the New Black Panthers and claimed that “as long as Barack Obama is president, there is a complete double standard, and a lot of it is based on race” and that “Barack Obama is a racist.” Severin added, “Barack Obama is -- the president of the United States is demonstrably a racist”:

Beck distorted Obama's comments to accuse him of “racism.” On the June 14 editions of his radio and television shows, Beck misrepresented comments Obama made during a 1995 interview to claim Obama did not want to meet with BP CEO Tony Hayward because he is a “white CEO” and that those comments were “code language” that “sounds like racism,” “stereotyping,” and “profiling”:

Stossel said “private businesses ought to get to discriminate” and “it should be their right to be racist.” On Fox News' America Live, Fox Business Network host John Stossel stated that “it's time now to repeal” the public accommodations sections of the Civil Rights Act. Stossel went on to say that “private businesses ought to get to discriminate” and that “it should be their right to be racist,” adding that he personally would not go into a business that discriminated:

Carlson claimed Obama used “racial anxiety for political gain.” On Special Report, Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson criticized Obama's midterm election message, in which Obama told supporters that it “will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.” After host Bret Baier played a clip of the video, Carlson said: “So, how's this different substantially from Nixon's Southern Strategy? What he's doing is, saying, 'You have reason to fear on racial grounds; therefore, vote for me.' I think he is using racial anxiety for political gain”:

Limbaugh called Obama administration a “racist” “regime” During the April 26 edition of his radio show, Limbaugh discussed Arizona's controversial immigration law and claimed that “not everybody thinks that civil rights are the end-all and be-all of every single issue.” Limbaugh then cited the video in which Obama discussed voter turnout, including among minorities and women, and said, “This is the regime at its racist best”:

Savage said he's “sick of speaking about” Obama “in hushed tones” because “he's of mixed race.” On March 22, Savage said, “I am so sick and tired of talking about [Obama] in hushed tones, like because he's of mixed-race, you can't say anything against him. I am sick of it”:

Limbaugh: “For the first time in his life, Paterson is gonna be a massa.” During a discussion with a caller on March 9 about African-American New York Gov. David Paterson possibly appointing a replacement for former Rep. Eric Massa, Limbaugh said, “So, for the first time in his life, Paterson's gonna be a massa. Interesting, interesting”:

Limbaugh called civil rights leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “race hustlers.” During the October 15, 2009, edition of his show, Limbaugh noted the fact that NFL Players Association director DeMaurice Smith had sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell objecting to Limbaugh's bid to become a partial owner of the St. Louis Rams. Limbaugh then said, “And then, of course, the two race hustlers, the Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Sharpton, got involved”:

Beck called Obama a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” During his appearance on the July 28, 2009, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends discussing Obama's response to the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Beck asserted that Obama has “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” After being reminded that Obama has numerous white staffers, Beck contradicted himself, stating, “I'm not saying that he doesn't like white people. I'm saying he has a problem,” before going on to state, “this guy is, I believe, a racist”: