More Glenn Beck race-baiting: suggests Obama does not believe that all men are created equal


From the August 3 edition of Fox News' Glenn Beck:

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BECK: Now Walter Lippmann is an icon in the press industry. If you are a journalist, you studied Walter Lippmann, and he is -- he is a god. Here is what Walter Lippmann says: "The common interests very largely elude public opinion entirely, and can be managed only by a specialized class whose personal interests reach beyond the locality." So in other words, you're too stupid, you're too greedy, you're too whatever, but somebody in a specialized class.

Can we have an example of this? Arianna Huffington in her -- the president's favorite blog -- in her blog today she was talking about Sarah Palin. She can't figure out why Sarah Palin, people like her. Oh they can't. She wants to understand. So here is Arianna's conclusion, darling. She says, "It's not Palin's positions people respond to, it's her use of symbols," like mama grizzly. Really? I hate the mama grizzly thing.

I don't think that's what people like. I mean, they might like it; some might not. But here's what people like about Sarah Palin: she is real. She says what she means, and she means what she says. Sometimes she says things that are stupid, sometimes she says things that are smart. It doesn't matter. She says it. She's real. People trust -- people are starving for someone that is real, not calculated.

Back to the original question. Does Arianna Huffington believe that Sarah Palin is equal? Of course not. She's stupid. How about President Obama, who knew that the police acted stupidly without any information? He knows that Arizona, without even reading the bill, will act stupidly, the police, they will. They'll be racist. He doesn't even need to meet with the head of BP. He already knows what those people are like.

Does he believe that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights?


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