Laura Ingraham warns that undocumented immigrants are coming to “replace kind of the old America with a new America” 

From the March 7 edition of Podcast One's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I think what we need, frankly, is a mobilization of the American public to Washington. I mean if they're going to be able to turn out hundreds of thousands of people to protest all over the country against Brett Kavanaugh --


INGRAHAM: The American people are just going to have to organize and protest what's happening at the border in Washington until something's done. The effort here is to replace kind of the old America with a new America who's not coming into the country legally. And the Democrats know that will tip the balance for them in every state where it's even close and that will just be an electoral lock forever.

WALKER: It is another place where the government can own every access of your wellbeing. From your healthcare to your education so you're completely dependent on the government. So this is another class that will be that way. 


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