Laura Ingraham says story corroborated by Fox News reporter about Trump insulting troops is “now-debunked”

Days after Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin corroborated The Atlantic’s report of Trump insulting American service members, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham falsely claimed “the now-debunked” piece was a “smear against the president.”

Hours earlier, Fox Business host and Trump adviser Lou Dobbs launched similar attacks against both Fox News and The Atlantic and declared that “even Fox News claimed to have corroborated parts of the report despite every news organization having not a single named source, nor any evidence whatsoever.”

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): But this is why Biden has sought to capitalize on the now-debunked Atlantic magazine smear against the president, despite the fact that the most incendiary claims in that piece have been disavowed by at least 21 current or former administration sources, on the record, by the way.