Lou Dobbs attacks Fox News’ report confirming Atlantic article that claims President Trump disrespected military veterans

Dobbs: “Fox News claimed to have corroborated parts of the report despite every news organization having not a single named source”

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Citation From the September 8, 2020, edition of Fox News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

LOU DOBBS (HOST): The article claimed the president disrespected troops and the story falls apart under the most elemental fact-checks and is easily refuted by documentary evidence.


The Associated Press claims to have corroborated the story in its entirety but then didn't have any evidence to corroborate it, not a single, single named source. And the Washington Post, CNN, even Fox News claimed to have corroborated parts of the report despite every news organization having not a single named source, nor any evidence whatsoever. What those unnamed sources did claim doesn't stand up against the 21 Trump administration officials who are now on the record refuting The Atlantic's horrible, horrible lies. Fourteen of those administration officials were on that trip to France. That includes one of the highest ranking anti-Trumpers of all, former ambassador and national security adviser John Bolton, who hates the president.