Laura Ingraham Applauds Her Show For Helping To Block Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Ingraham: “Guess Who Helped Stop It. You're Listening To One Of The Reasons Why It Was Stopped”

From the December 17 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: So we go back to the sock puppet analogy. Who's the best sock puppet right now for the donor class? Who is it? Probably Rubio. Probably the strongest sock puppet. Cruz is out there trying to navigate this middle ground between Trump and the establishment. Got caught up in it last night. He got caught up in it. He was supposed to come on the show today, I guess it was kind of a -- iffy whether he was going to come on. I wish he had come on, because -- and Cruz has been good about coming on generally, but he's at least evolved in the right way. And we took issue with much of what Cruz was saying during the immigration debate. He was basically on our side, but on the issue of legal immigration, we had to pull him along and I got into some fairly significant debates with him. Both on mic and off mic. But it was good, it was -- you know what's the great thing about Cruz? Is he actually engages with conservatives. So, you can criticize Cruz -- well, he said -- he was trying to work a deal with the amnesty back then and he was trying to at least prevent them from being citizens. One of the things he was doing at that time -- he didn't say it well last night, but I remember because, believe me, I knew this inside and out and know this issue inside and out. Very few people know it as well as I do. At the time, it seemed all but certain that this bill was going to become law. Guess who -- guess who helped stop it. You're listening to one of the reasons why it was stopped. And you. You listening. All of you listening to the show right now, you helped stop this amnesty from going through.


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