Laura Ingraham and Pat Buchanan warn that immigration will change “the whole character and composition of the nation”

Buchanan: “We're becoming a different country without consulting the American people, who never voted for any of this ... you're talking about the destiny of a country”

From the March 8 edition of PodcastOne's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The left, now, on the issue of the border -- we have 76,000 people, who were -- just the ones who were apprehended in the month of February -- and the left, they're either saying, “Well, we can absorb these people, it's not -- this is a manufactured crisis,” or they say it's Donald Trump's rhetoric. Now, that's what -- NBC reporters are saying that, Jacob Soboroff yesterday, “It's Donald Trump's rhetoric causing these people to come across the border.” I have never heard anything like this.

PAT BUCHANAN: I know, and the -- that Border Patrol guy who said this is a human -- humanitarian and security disaster for this country, and it is. 76,000 in February, you take it up to a year, that's 900,000 apprehended, how many got in? And you add to that the legal immigrants and the folks who are coming -- you know, coming here and overstay their visas and stuff, and the whole character and composition of the nation is rapidly being changed. And we're becoming a different country without consulting the American people, who never voted for any of this.

But I will, I mean -- the point of my column today was quite simple. Look, if Donald Trump doesn't do it, I don't think anyone will. Who's going to be as strong on border security as Trump is?


BUCHANAN: You got -- the other party is basically, they're open borders, they're sanctuary cities, you know, they're abolish ICE, and all of that. So, you're talking about the destiny of a country.

INGRAHAM: Well, it doesn't -- It doesn't look good, I gotta say, it doesn't -- I mean, I have to be perfectly honest with our listeners.


BUCHANAN: You have to ask, why would not third world folks who have got terrible situations in their countries, from one reason or another, economics, or repression, or brutality -- why would they not come to United States, where you got a welfare state that's gonna basically secure all your basic needs if you can't yourself? It's an exciting life, it's the leading country in the world, and you can make good money if you're willing to work hard.  And so -- and also, the criminals, that's where you make your dough, on the drugs -- why not come to America?

And if we don't have the will, or the capacity to stop them, then the -- the matter has been decided, the future has been determined. It's being determined right now.

INGRAHAM: Suicide of a Superpower, I seem to remember someone wrote that -- that book.

BUCHANAN: Yep, and Death of the West.

INGRAHAM: Death of the West is very apt here.


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