Ingraham: “I'd Go Farther” Than Trump's Plan To Ban Muslims From Entering The US And “Do A Pause On All Immigration”

Laura Ingraham: “I'd Do A Pause On Immigration ... I Guess I'm Even Worse Than Trump”

From the December 11 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Among those in the media who are just most disturbed by the idea of a Trump presidency or Trump nomination is Charles Krauthammer at Fox News. And I've been on Special Report with him and, you know, we all like Charles. But this is a question that [Special Report anchor] Bret Baier asked him just looking at the numbers last night. Let's listen.


BRET BAIER: There's the possibility that by March, Trump wraps this thing up.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, look, 30 percent is still not a majority. The reason he's way out in front is because there are 14 other guys and gals out there who divide the vote. If you take away even the 1's and the 2 percent and the 5 percent and the 6's, assuming they are so-called establishment, and you add them onto Rubio, even to a Cruz, although he's not exactly establishment, Trump doesn't win.


INGRAHAM: That some wishful thinking there?  Is that just pragmatic thinking?

BYRON YORK: I do believe there's, well look, and it's not just Charles. There's been a lot of wishful punditry that has gone on in this race, you know, starting when Trump --

INGRAHAM: He called him a bigot the other night. He called him a bigot.

YORK: Yeah, I know, but that's been --

INGRAHAM: He said Trump is bigoted. I mean, I know Trump a little bit. One thing, yeah, he's not a bigot. I mean, you might disagree with the policy and I said early on it wouldn't be my policy. I'd do a pause on all immigration. I mean, I'd go farther than Trump. I'd do a pause on immigration, so I'm like even, I guess I'm even worse than Trump.


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