Ingraham Derides The Republican National Committee For “Demoniz[ing] The Whole Populist Movement”

Laura Ingraham: “The Establishment Refuses To Listen To The People”

From the December 11 edition of Courtside Enertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show:

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LAURA INGRAHAM: See, all the brainiacs over at the RNC, all the brainiacs like Reince Priebus, God bless them but they've, they all thought they were going to be so clever and tamping down a populist surge. They spent so much time trying to figure out a strategy for, in my mind, stopping the people from having much say over the process. They wanted a strategy to limit debates. Oh, we can't have all this infighting. Did you ever come to think that maybe, maybe the establishment, as long as it doesn't listen to the people, is just itching for a fight from the people? Why not actually work with the people? This is what I do not understand.  They sit behind closed doors, at these fancy restaurants on Capitol Hill, and then they leak the details to Bob Costa. Because they are trying to scare off the candidates, trying to get people to drop out to pave the way for Marco, or for Jeb's people. 


INGRAHAM: They don't listen on trade, on immigration, and even on this issue of limiting people coming into the country. They decide, OK let's just demonize Trump, let's demonize Trump and then we'll demonize the whole populist movement, as a bunch of racists, xenophobics, (inaudible), low information people.  They're all dumb, they're all stupid, and we're going to figure it all out at the convention. And this piece merely reconfirms what I've been thinking for a long time, that the establishment refuses to listen to the people. 


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