Conservative Media Spend Debate Launching Personal Attacks On Obama

During the October 22 presidential debate, conservative media took to Twitter to launch personal attacks against President Obama in an attempt to criticize his performance and distract from Mitt Romney's lies.

Conservative media have a long history of attacking the President and First Lady Michelle Obama, and have ignored Romney's and his running mate Congressman Paul Ryan's lies in the previous debates.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter referred to Obama as “the retard”:

Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes wrote, “Seems to me President Obama's condescension has crossed the line from aggressive to disrespectful. Will voters like him mocking Romney?”

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham wrote that Obama is “VERY snotty” and “so mean-spirited looking”:

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck wrote that “Obama is a rude bully,” and that he “looks mean, and like he is a liar”: editor Ben Shapiro wrote that “Obama is now in 'I am an a-hole” land. His favorite":

Right-wing talk radio host and frequent Fox News guest Neal Boortz called Obama “a douche bag”: