Fox Newsers Celebrate Romney's "Apology Tour" Lie

Fox Newsers Celebrate Romney's "Apology Tour" Lie

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During tonight's presidential debate, Mitt Romney repeated the Fox-manufactured lie that President Obama went on "an apology tour" around the world during his first year in office. The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler wrote that Obama called Romney's debate claim "a 'whopper.' Obama is right -- every fact checker has said the so-called 'apology tour' did not happen."

Still, several Fox News personalities celebrated Romney's false claim, writing that Obama "got spanked" and he actually "DID go on an apology tour!"

Fox News contributor Karl Rove wrote that "Obama just got spanked on apology tour":


Fox News host Sean Hannity wrote, "Mr. President you DID go on an apology tour!"

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley wrote, "O trying to claim he didn't make an 'apology tour' early on. Bull!"

Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin wrote, "Romney finally slamming Obama on dictator kowtowing and yes, 'APOLOGY TOUR'."

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham purported to show Obama apologizing overseas with quotes:

Fox News contributor Mike Gallagher wrote that Romney "nailed it" on the "apology tour" line:

Fox News contributor Dick Morris wrote that "Romney scored over apolgy [sic] tour":

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