Lara Logan says Newsmax host Eric Bolling was “devastated” after she was banned from the network for pushing blood libel

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Citation From the December 6, 2022 edition of Slightly Offensive with Elijah Schaeffer, posted to YouTube

ELIJAH SCHAFFER (HOST): You have been canceled for the truth and the gaslighting. And what do you think about the fact, and we're going to jump into some stuff by Dr. Fauci, the Balenciaga saga and the gaslighting that is taking place of the dishonest media that is polluting our world. You got canceled by Fox and by others for calling out satanic pedophile elites and then the Balenciaga saga happens. Do you feel justified?

LARA LOGAN (GUEST): Well, it's funny to me, like I said, with Newsmax, I didn't have a contract, I didn't have any ties to Newsmax, I'd done Eric Bolling's show just three times, and you know Eric reached out to me, he was pretty devastated because he liked having me on there. But I don't have any regrets about what I said because it was true.

In October 2022, Lara Logan was reportedly banned from appearing on Newsmax after she said " “the open border is Satan's way of taking control of the world” through a nefarious global cabal that “dine[s] on the blood of children.”