On OAN, Lara Logan claims migrants are part of a globalist plot for a unified North American government

Logan baselessly claimed that the United Nations is “infiltrating 100 million people into the United States as the basis for forming a regional government instead of a national government”

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Citation From the September 15, 2022, edition of One America News Network's Real America with Dan Ball 

LARA LOGAN: We have in place an administration filled with open border ideologues who are implementing a globalist policy, that no one was given the option in this country to vote on, that bypasses the legislature and is completely in violation of the constitution. And what they're edging towards, and I know this from a source who was in meetings at the U.N., and behind you know, closed doors, these are classified meetings and listened to these discussions of infiltrating 100 million people into the United States as the basis for forming a regional government instead of a national government. So, a government of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. This is the strategy that's in place. And so things like the cartels were created as part of a push-pull strategy, where they would push people out of those countries because life would become unbearable, and pull them into the United States. It's about the destruction of this country. And, uh, and it's put in place step by step so that you don't really know what is happening. And so what is happening is, what some people have done now, a group of private citizens has funded a threat assessment of the national security threat on the southern border. Because the government is failing to do its job. And the, the basic premise is that you cannot begin to solve a problem that hasn't even been defined. 

DAN BALL (HOST): Wow, I mean you just threw a lot at us and I hope everybody absorbed that and understands what we're talking about. Because a lot of times we touch the surface on interviews of course we talk about the fentanyl deaths, we talk about the human trafficking and the rape, but we're not talking about the Great Reset, we're not talking about how they're changing the fabric of this nation and what they're attempting to do, by allowing these open borders and what Laura just told us about blending Mexico, Canada, America, that is no longer American dominant. And then you heard my lead-up, Laura, about how our foes, China, Russia, see all this and they want the fall of the West. That's what everyone wants. No one wants America to be the strong country it's been, especially our foes.

LOGAN: And you know what though, Dan? It's interesting because this isn't just about the fall of America and the West. This is about the end of life as we have known it.