Fox Nation host Lara Logan claims that Darwinism is a plot from “the Rothschilds”

Logan made the outlandish claim during an appearance on a QAnon show

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Citation From the March 24, 2022, edition of And We Know 

LARA LOGAN: What is the only thing on Earth that is actually renewable? It's life. And they can, you know, go back to the big-bang theory and Darwin. I mean, when I found out, does anyone know when, who employed Darwin? Where Darwinism comes from? Well, I mean, you know, look it up. The Rothschilds. It goes right back to 10 Downing Street and the same people who employed Darwin and that's when Darwin, you know, wrote his theory of evolution and so on and so on. And I'm not saying that none of that is true. I'm just saying Darwin was hired by someone to come up with the theory. Right? Based on evidence. OK, fine.