Fox’s Kayleigh McEnany falsely claimed that Democrats are not calling for Andrew Cuomo’s impeachment

As New York Democratic lawmakers prepare to impeach Cuomo, Fox Host asks how many of said lawmakers “will turn that resignation call into an impeachment one?”

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Citation From the August 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

LEO TERRELL (GUEST): Here, there's overwhelming evidence – an objective independent investigation that was done,, and proving that Cuomo had basically violated their rights, the civil rights of 11 women. I want to be very clear. Governor Cuomo is a boss, a bully, a tyrant, and he should be shunned. And I'll tell you right now: What prevents justice from taking place is his political track.

I've been practicing law for 30 years. I want to be clear to the Fox viewers. There is overwhelming evidence for that district attorney right now to charge Governor Cuomo. That's a political game. And the democratic legislature in New York, shame on them. You're telling me they didn't have this information? They could have done the same investigation. This is the ugliest nature of politics and Democratic loyalty because this political track is slowing down the legal track. He should be arrested. The D.A. – is he a Democrat? Because that's the only reason why Cuomo shouldn't – should be charged right now. Because the D.A. must be a Democrat.

Let me tell you what I honestly believe. I believe Governor Cuomo has enough information on some of these Democratic lawmakers to prevent them from doing what is right. And what is right is for Governor Cuomo either to be – to resign, to be impeached, or to be charged with a criminal crime today. Do you hear me, district attorney of Albany?


KAYLEIGH MCENENY (CO-HOST):  I want to say Leo, you just hit that out of the park. Wow, you said it better that I've heard it said yet. But I want to be clear about what we're hearing from Democrats right now, because Leo is exactly right. This is a political game. You're hearing the words resign, resign, resign. You are not, for the most part, certainly from the national Democrats hearing impeach, impeach, impeach. Now why is that? When they say resign, as the Wall Street Journal editorial board pointed out, they are giving – this is a pro forma type of condemnation. They know he's not going to resign. They know he's here to stay. They know Cuomo has ambitions to run yet again for governor.

But by saying impeach, that takes it to the next level. That demands action. That's out of Cuomo's hands, that's in the hands of Democrats. It's why when Biden yesterday said, yes I want him to resign, but when followed up and asked, do you want to impeach him, Biden said, you know, I don't want to get ahead of the process. I don't want to get ahead of things. When Clyburn was asked, do you want him impeached. Clyburn said, I don't want to pile on. Notice what they're doing. They are saying resign because they know he won't resign. They will not say impeach. You have half of the state lawmakers who have said resign now in the state of New York. How many of them will turn that resignation call into an impeachment one? That is the real story.

TERRELL: Right on Kayleigh, right on. Spot on.

In fact, leading Democrats throughout New York are calling for Cuomo’s impeachment. As for national Democrats, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) —to whom McEnany referred — also said that Cuomo “ought to save himself and the state the agony” of an impeachment proceeding, clearly implying that impeachment would be the next appropriate step if Cuomo did not resign. (Legislative leaders are also reportedly preparing to go ahead with an impeachment if Cuomo does not resign.)

In addition, contrary to Terrell's point, the state assembly launched an investigation of Cuomo earlier this year as well. And the Albany district attorney is reviewing the evidence from the report from state attorney general Tish James. Again, contrary to Terrell's claim, these things do not happen in a single day.

McEnancy is essentially moving the goalposts from yesterday, when she falsely claimed that leading Democrats had been “silent” on calling for Cuomo’s resignation.