On Steve Bannon's show John Solomon calls the Republican National Committee “a cancer”

Solomon calls for RNC chair Ronna McDaniel to be removed from leadership

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Citation From the November 8, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

JOHN SOLOMON (GUEST, JUST THE NEWS): Donald Trump grew up in the era of New York dominated by George Steinbrenner. When his managers didn't perform, he fired them, because he wanted to get to the World Series. Republicans keep giving [RNC chair] Ronna McDaniel a promotion. They keep moving her on. They keep hiring her for another season. 

Donald Trump has to make -- I think, if he wants to win -- all the people I've talked to in the last 12 hours -- by the way, a lot of people saw this train wreck coming two days ago. They saw the early voting totals weren't really where they needed to be. They were worried about get out the vote. They were getting killed in the messaging. But, if your manager keeps losing World Series, usually, at least George Steinbrenner, in this Donald Trump-era of New York, he'd fire the manager. They keep keeping Ronna McDaniel despite all of the problems that are there. 


If you want to get rid of the cancer, start at the source of the disease and right now the RNC is its source. It has failed four, five straight elections. It's time for someone to say hey, that’s what it is. We need a change.