So, I guess isn't going to happen?

TPM reported a few days ago that the Washington Times has pulled the plug on, the right-wing paper's laughably redundant effort to highlight conservative opinion:

Brian Faughnan, editor of the site, tells us the Times has officially canceled the project.

The site, rolled out in September, is no longer loading. Its Facebook page stopped updating the morning of Dec 23, as did the site's Twitter feed (“House Blue Dog: We'll Cave on Health Care, Too #tcot #right”).

Amid the disintegration of the conservative daily paper, Times management said in a Dec. 2 press release that would actually be an area of focus and growth as part of a new online strategy. But the site was conspicuously absent from a news release yesterday on the latest staff departures and the Times' future.

When the Times launched back in September, it seemed to undermine claims -- by Howard Kurtz, among others -- that the paper had become more “balanced” since John Solomon took over. For his part, Solomon insisted that the Times was considering following up with a similar site for progressives.

I didn't buy it:

Oh, they're being “considered”? That's just super.

If I was trying overcome my newspaper's well-established history of acting as little more than a mouthpiece for the conservative movement, I probably wouldn't start by launching a web site called and promising that later, some day, if there's time, we'll think about adding a site for progressives.

Neither did Eric Boehlert:

Just give the WashTimes a few more weeks and they'll launch its new hub of the progressive movement, And no doubt it will be a joint venture with Center for American Progress, right? It will be the awesome-est tool ever to reinvent the left, right?

Well, actually that kind of site is merely being considered, if you want to get technical about it. But no doubt the Rev. Moon, the self-proclaimed sun of God and WashTimes owner, wants badly to become a major player in the progressive world.


Still, a month later, Solomon insisted that launch of was imminent, though the paper apparently didn't own the domain name:

“There'll be a site called as well," said Solomon. “We'll have it up and running in 2-3 weeks.”

According to the domain registration directory, the domain name was purchased by Domain Asset Holdings of Maryland on January 25, and it is up for sale. is owned by The Washington Times. Solomon did not answer a follow-up e-mail about the new site.

But never did launch, shocking exactly nobody.

The lesson in all of this is not a new one, but it is worth repeating: When right-wing news organizations like The Washington Times insist that they care about balance, they're lying.