Watch A Medal Of Honor Recipient Smack Down A Pro-Gun Researcher's “Foolish” Plan To Arm Troops On Bases

Jack Jacobs and John Lott

MSNBC military analyst and retired colonel Jack Jacobs pushed back against the conservative claim that all soldiers should be armed on U.S. military bases in a contentious head-to-head interview alongside pro-gun researcher John Lott.

Right-wing media have rushed to blame restrictions on the ability of soldiers to carry sidearms on military bases for the April 2 mass shooting at Fort Hood. But military veterans and base commanders, including Fort Hood's own commanding officer, have said that calls to expand access to firearms on bases are flawed.

Jacobs, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, added his voice to those critics during the April 4 edition of Jansing and Co.

“The situation that existed at Fort Hood the other day, in a circumstance in which everybody has weapons, could very easily result and probably would have resulted in an enormous mass fratricide, and you would have this all the time,” said Jacobs. “Arming everybody in a civilian situation like at Fort Hood would result in a terrible, terrible tragedy, larger than this one.”

Later in the segment, Lott repeatedly tried to interrupt Jacobs, with the MSNBC analyst responding, “Be quiet... please, don't be rude. Please, don't be rude... Be quiet.”

Jacobs concluded: “No responsible commander would ever agree to arm all of his soldiers on post, that's all there is to it, and I know, I've commanded lots of troops in and out of combat.”