Fox guest calls Kenosha shooting trial “a modern day To Kill A Mockingbird”

Jason Whitlock: “I'm afraid that we're going to see some sort of guilty verdict here. It would be travesty”

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Citation From the November 15, 2021, edition Fox News' Fox News Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): So, they called this guy, Kyle, a coward during closing just now. They said he should have just socked these guys in the jaw, maybe kneed them in the testicles. I don't see that as something anybody would have done in this situation, do you? 

JASON WHITLOCK (GUEST): No, I don't. What we're looking at, Jesse, is literally, we're looking at a modern day To Kill a Mockingbird. As much evidence as we've seen and watched this trial and know that Kyle Rittenhouse should be found not guilty, I'm not confident. And I'm really not. Because I think there's a lot of pressure on this jury -- they know what happened a year ago, they saw and lived through the insanity of what happened after Jacob Blake was shot by police officers when he wielded a knife and wrestled with police. They know potentially in the back of their heads what's going to happen if they come back with a not guilty verdict. 

And I can see that pressure affecting them and them trying to sit in that jury room and try to figure out how to convict Kyle Rittenhouse of something. I'm afraid that we're going to see some sort of guilty verdict here. It would be travesty. It wouldn't be the first travesty we witnessed in America's criminal justice system. But it really could happen. This feels like just a modern day reenactment of the great book by Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird