Rush Limbaugh compares the coup attempt to racial justice protests and suggests pro-Trump mob was less violent

Limbaugh: The rioters “took some selfies. Oh that's what they took. They took selfies.”

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Citation From the January 7, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Based on what I had heard, you know, I was looking for all the fires and all the stores in downtown Washington. I was looking for video of a bunch of people walking in there and then walking out with a bunch of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent bags. Yeah, I was looking for all of that. I was looking for fires. I was looking for burning automobiles. I was looking for antifa mobs claiming they had set aside a two- or three-block area of town as a you-can't-come-here zone. I didn't see any of that. What do you mean there weren't any fires? And there wasn't any looting? Well then what in the hell were they talking about was going on? I know they broke some windows at the Capitol and so forth, yeah I know they breached the -- they took some selfies. Oh that's what they took. They took selfies. So, you can set fire to a downtown strip of any blue-state city -- Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York -- and it's called a peaceful protest. But you dare not set foot where the political class lives and works and does its job.


For years now, decades even, we've watched as the Democrats in the guise of protesters, in the guise of anarchists, as Occupy Wall Street protesters, more recently in the guise of anti-Trump protesters, as antifa, as Black Lives Matter protesters -- an avowed, acknowledged, so-stated communist group, Black Lives Matter right on their website proudly proclaiming their ties to Marxism. And yet here's every professional sports league signing on, advocating, amplifying, getting on board. They've burned down ICE offices. They have burned down police precincts. They have burned down political, federal courthouses after barricading people inside of them. They have taken over freeways. They have taken over entire cities. They have looted and burned portions of cities to the ground. They have torn down statues that have linkages to our past. They have burned and looted stores and businesses in almost every state of the union.

The Democrats, in the guise of journalists, have praised these protesters as justified and even heroic. And none of these Democrats, in the guise of protesters, has been shot by the police. In fact, hardly any of these protesters have been arrested. And if they are arrested they are released immediately with friendly Democrats posting bail.