J.R. Majewski to January 6 insurrectionist group: You’ll have “ready access to me at all times” in Congress

J.R. Majewski and Long Island Loud Majority

Republican congressional nominee and former right-wing streamer J.R. Majewski recently appeared on the streaming program of Long Island Loud Majority, a right-wing group that said it had hundreds of members in D.C. during the January 6 insurrection. During the show, Majewski praised the group’s founders and told them that they would have “ready access to me at all times” when he gets “into office.” 

Majewski’s support for the group is on-brand: He himself is a January 6 insurrectionist. Majewski admitted that he crossed the police barricade and said he “wanted nothing more than to go” into the Capitol building. (Majewski stated he ultimately stayed outside because he was with people who “had physical limitations.”) 

Majewski, who is running for a competitive House seat in Ohio, is a former QAnon-supporting streamer. He also said while a guest on a QAnon streaming program: “I believe in everything that's been put out from Q.” He is a superfan of the white nationalist haven Gab and the social media platform’s antisemitic CEO, Andrew Torba. 

Long Island Loud Majority organizes right-wing activities, including at school board meetings. It operates as a limited liability company, sells merchandise, and airs a sponsor-based media program. The group took part in January 6, with co-founder Shawn Farash stating that about 300 group members went to Washington, D.C., though he has claimed that none of his members participated in the siege of the Capitol. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center listed Loud Majority as an anti-government group that is “part of the antidemocratic hard right movement.” An SPLC researcher said that the group has made “what we would call threats of political violence around issues of vaccines, masking, COVID restrictions,” along with conducting anti-LGBTQ activity: 

Loud Majority is “more political in its interests and involvement,” law center researcher Rachel Carroll Rivas said.

It has made “what we would call threats of political violence around issues of vaccines, masking, COVID restrictions,” she said. There’s “also anti-LGBTQ activity and targeting students and schools around issues of education and inclusive communities.” Those preoccupations reflect what the law center said was a widespread shift by similar groups after the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington, D.C., to local politics focused on COVID-19 protocols and school curricula.

Loud Majority co-founder Shawn Farash, 31, of West Babylon, disputed the law center’s characterization of his organization: “We’re not anarchists, we’re not revolutionaries, we’re certainly not violent,” he told Newsday. 

The group is connected to New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin, whose ties include appearing at a March event and stating that Long Island Loud Majority is “always there fighting the good fight.” 

Loud Majority has a streaming program on the right-wing network LFA TV, with group co-founders Farash and Kevin Smith as hosts. Majewski appeared on the show’s September 14 edition for roughly 20 minutes to discuss his campaign. 

During the interview, he praised the hosts for “leading by example” and said that they have “a huge future.” He added that when he wins his election, they’ll have “ready access to me at all times.” 

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Citation From the September 14, 2022, edition of LFA TV's Loud Majority with Shawn Farash and Kevin Smith

KEVIN SMITH (CO-HOST): How do we show people, particularly young people, that it's OK to be conservative and have fun at the same time? 

J.R. MAJEWSKI (GOP CONGRESSIONAL NOMINEE): Well, I mean, I think it all has to do with leading by example. And I think you two are shining examples of that. I mean, and myself as well. 

You guys just keep leading by example. You guys got a huge future. And, you know, when I get into office, you guys will have, you know, ready access to me at all times. And, you know, we'll just keep fighting. And ‘24 is going to be a big year for us. The big guy [Trump] is going to get back into the White House.

The hosts thanked Majewski, with Farash telling him: “We appreciate the kind words, J.R.” 

At the conclusion of the interview, Farash implored viewers to financially support Majewski’s campaign: 

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Citation From the September 14, 2022, edition of LFA TV's Loud Majority with Shawn Farash and Kevin Smith

SHAWN FARASH (CO-HOST): We are going to do whatever we can do, J.R., to push you over the finish line out there in Ohio's 9th District. For those of you in Ohio's 9th District, this man is going to be your next congressman. You know that the big guy, as J.R. said, called her a witch. “She's a witch and she's a horrible person.” And we have to do everything in our power to bring back the House of Representatives, bring it back into patriotic control. J.R. will do just that.

KEVIN SMITH (CO-HOST): Absolutely.

FARASH: And we thank you so much for jumping on with us today. And I will see you Saturday, my friend. Thank you so much.