iHeartRadio host blames January 6 attack on DHS and Capitol police, defends MAGA supporters who stormed the Capitol building

Ahead of the final report of the January 6 committee, host Jesse Kelly suggests DHS “planned and coordinated most of what happened”

iHeartRadio host blames January 6 attack on DHS and Capitol police, defends MAGA supporters who stormed the Capitol building

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Citation From the December 15, 2022, edition of iHeartRadio's The Jesse Kelly Show

JESSE KELLY (HOST): The story has been making the rounds just a little bit, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time on it. So I want to get to a bunch of emails and we are talking about Christmas parties here and things like that, but rhis is from Yahoo: "Intel analyst tried to prevent the January 6th attack, but DHS failed to act."

And there's so much of this that is just dripping with irony. One of the top things that I can think of is this: the DHS. You know why we have a DHS Department of Homeland Security. We have a DHS because after 9/11, when something horrible like that happens, people start looking around and asking, why? How did this happen? How did we not know how? How didn't we stop this?

And one of the conclusions they came to was all the separate government agencies, FBI, CIA, all the others. They don't coordinate with each other. They don't talk with each other. Oftentimes, they compete with each other for dollars and influence and publicity. And so they decided what we need is a Department of Homeland Security. And they decided we needed the Department of Homeland Security so we can make sure there aren't any more things slipping through the cracks. So whenever there's an action item, we can jump on it and jump in there.

And this is an intel analyst working for the DHS who spent two weeks sounding the alarm at the DHS that something potentially might happen at the Capitol and they did nothing. Which leads me to this. I believe the reason they did nothing is because they planned and coordinated most of what happened there anyway. And if you think I'm crazy, please go look up Ray Epps.

And Ray Epps is just the most famous one. He's not nearly the only one. All these January 6th political prisoners we have now, some still rotting in jail without trial. By the way, this is a human rights violation. Human rights violation. There are some of them still sitting in jail without any trial whatsoever. There are multiple people, multiple people who've been caught on camera doing much worse than lots of the political prisoners have done – and they're not on the most wanted list, not arrested. Not rotting in jail.

And couple that with a couple of things. One – one thing we know for a fact is maybe not every entrance, but many entrances. I know because I've seen the videotape myself – the Capitol Police opened the doors and stood aside and welcomed people in. I've talked to some of these people. They email in to the show, these January six prisoners. And this is one of the most common things they say, Jesse. They invited us in. We were walking in! And now we're criminals!

That's one. Two: You've seen little snippets. If you only watch the news, you only see these little, minor little snippets and they always look really, really bad and parts of it were really ugly. I'm not denying that, but I think it's really, really bad.

But what they don't show you is any context at all.


But anyway, did you know a lot of those grenades that were going off? Not – non-lethal grenades, like the non-lethal grenades that were going off, that the police started chucking those into the crowd before there was ever any real violence or anything like that in the crowd, almost as if – almost as if – they were trying to provoke a response. Well, how about that? Don't worry. I'm sure it's nothing.