Dozens of Republican Party groups used Facebook to help organize bus trips to DC for pro-Trump insurrection


Citation Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

Dozens of Republican Party groups used Facebook to help organize bus trips to Washington, D.C., for events that ended up becoming the deadly January 6 pro-Trump riot at the U.S. Capitol. 

“This is a call to ALL patriots from Donald J Trump for a BIG protest in Washington DC! TAKE AMERICA BACK! BE THERE, WILL BE WILD!” wrote the New Hanover County GOP of North Carolina in a Facebook post advertising bus seats. (The phrase “be there, will be wild!” was a rallying cry by Trump to his followers for that day.) 

“BUS TRIP to DC .... #StoptheSteal. If your passions are running hot and you're intending to respond to the President's call for his supporters to descend on DC on Jan 6, LISTEN UP!” wrote the Polk County Republican Party of North Carolina in a Facebook post. 

“Fight back! Stop the Steal MAGA Bus Trip … Tell Congress - DO NOT CERTIFY THIS VOTE,” stated a flier posted by the Bergen County Republican Organization in New Jersey. 

Days after the Trump riot, Facebook belatedly said it would remove “Stop the Steal” content. Numerous associated groups are still active on the platform, which served as a key staging ground for organizing the pro-Trump events that culminated in the attack on the Capitol last week.

Right-wing media figures, Republican Party officials, and President Donald Trump also helped incite the deadly pro-Trump riots on January 6. 

The following are over two dozen links to Republican Party organizations that used Facebook to help bring people to D.C. on January 6:

Update (1/14/21): This list has been updated with additional examples of Republican Party groups.