Anti-vaccine doctor from new mega-viral video previously talked about being at the Capitol building on January 6

Dan Stock discussed being present on January 6: “If we'd wanted this to be a revolution, we would have killed everybody in the Capitol building”

A viral video featuring a man named Dan Stock pushing vaccine and mask misinformation to an Indiana city’s school board has been circulating on social media, earning millions of Facebook engagements in three days. In January, Stock joined the Convention of States Indiana's director to share his experience being near the police line during the riot on January 6.

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Citation From the January 18, 2021, edition of Convention of States Indiana Live

DAN STOCK: I think the thing that most impressed me though -- that crowd stood there two feet from that line of officers for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes, with pepper spray hitting them and concussion grenades and paint balls going into them. And the two things I didn't see. I didn't see anybody attack the police and I didn't see anybody retreat. The concussion grenades would land and everyone would turn around to turn their backs to them and then they'd scatter just a bit. And as soon as it went off, they'd fill right back in. The people hit with pepper spray would fall back and we'd put water in their eyes but other people would just file right up to the line of police and nobody did anything to them. I'll tell you, the courage I saw displayed by a bunch of American citizens there in defense of our elections and the control of their passion was really inspiring. 

DALE PARRISH (Convention of States Indiana Director): So the part that you saw, you felt was peaceful and thought that protestors were brave? Am I right?

STOCK: Yeah. As a matter of fact, the only thing that even came close to looking like anything like an assault. At one point I saw one gentleman come walking back from the line of police, very calmly carrying a shield from one of the police. I don't know how he got it -- whether he took it from a policeman or they gave it to him. I have no idea. I later saw a video on Epoch Times of him using that shield to break into the Capitol building windows. I never -- no police came chasing him into the crowd, I saw no disturbance up in front before he came back. That was as close as I saw to anything. 


STOCK: Charlene, you'd have been inspired if you could have been there and seen it. 

PARRISH: The media is certainly presenting just the opposite impression to everyone.

STOCK: You know -- And I would mention anybody who thinks of this as an armed rally that Mr. Trump organized. There was 500,000 of us there and very few police. If we'd wanted this to be a revolution, we would have killed everybody in the Capitol building.

PARRISH: Whoa don't say that.

STOCK: We didn't even try and do that. There might have been about 100 people who went loco and we can debate how they got provoked to be loco, but if this was some kind of planned insurrection, we're really bad at it.