Infowars host claims that the Holocaust is a “religion” that “you can't question”

Harrison Smith: “The truth” about the Nazis “is somewhere in between” that they “never did anything good for anybody ever” and they “never did anything wrong ever”

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Citation From the April 12, 2024, edition of Daily Veracity with Vincent James, streamed on Rumble

HARRISON SMITH (INFOWARS HOST): There's, like, two different versions. Right? There's lowercase “h” and capital “H” Holocaust where, like, were there terrible things that happened in World War 2? Obviously, fucking obviously.

You don't even need the gas shit. Like, ditches of dead bodies. I mean, it was horrible. So there's, like, just the reality of civilian deaths in World War 2, civilian mistreatments in World War 2, on, you know, ethnic basis or whatever. But then there's the capital "H" Holocaust, which is basically religious.

I mean, it basically has tenants that you have to accept, and you have to take it on faith. I mean, it has all of the qualities of a religion, that you can't — because a religion, you can't question. You know? It's even more so than, like, the Inquisition, right?


You could probably even question, like, the Resurrection during the Inquisition more so than you could question the Holocaust now. And, again, it's, like, it's not even, like, definitely one side or definitely be the other. It's exactly what you're just pointing out, Vince, where, like, you hear the way that it's literally illegal to question. And it's like, OK, I'm clearly missing something here, so I'm not getting the whole picture.

So, I better start looking into this, and the only thing that gives you any nuance at all is actually the complete other side. So that's what, you know, like, the documentaries, like [Europa: The Last Battle] or whatever. It's basically just the inverse of what you see on History Channel. History Channel is “the Nazis never did anything good for anybody ever.” And Europa is “the Nazis never did anything wrong ever.” And it's like the truth is somewhere in between those two things, but it's the dichotomy that's unhealthy because it leaves people just completely deluded on either side, I think.