Alex Jones agrees with caller who claims the Holocaust death toll should be revised

Jones: “Well, you obviously know your history. I'm not disagreeing with you.”

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Citation From the December 6, 2022 edition of Infowars' The Alex Jones Show

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): John in Nebraska, you're on the air. 

JOHN (CALLER): Yeah, Alex. Pros and cons on Ye. The January 26th, 1995, New York Times: Poland lowers Auschwitz death toll from 4 million to 1.5 million. That right there would mean you have to lower the 6 to 3.5, and another point on the same date, January 26th, 1891, New York Times: Russia's population of 5 to 6 million Jews, dash, about 6 million persecuted, miserable wretches. If you check, what's his name here, Nick Kollerstrom, K-O-L-L. He has 287 headlines from 1850 to 1945 that pair the term six with million Jews. So that's a Ye – that's a pro for Ye in my opinion. A Ye negative, you can't go from zero to Hitler in five seconds or you'll lose the listener immediately. Are you there, buddy?

JONES: I'm listening. That's quite the term. You can't go from zero to Hitler. Yeah, I get it.

JOHN: Okay, so here's a Hitler pro for Ye. Dunkirk. If people take a step back on Dunkirk.

JONES: Sure. Hitler let the British expeditionary force leave.

JOHN: Yes, from May 27 to June 4, 1940, Hitler allows the Brits – over 338,000 folks to evacuate. That was a beach a few hundred yards wide at most and a mile or two in length. He could've taken them out in a half hour, but he wanted peace which my next point is how many people know Hitler made seven peace offers between 1933 –

JONES: That's right. Albert Speer was – not Albert Speer. That was his Ministry of Interior. It was Rudolf Hess, his Deputy Fuhrer actually parachuted into one of the castles with the peace deal. 

JOHN: Yes, May 10, 1941, he was imprisoned in solitary confinement until he was murdered in 1987 so they wanted to shut up Rudolf Hess. Now –

JONES: Well, you obviously know your history. I'm not disagreeing with you. 

JOHN: Thanks, buddy. Here's my final point. This is a blockbuster. At 7:27 PM central standard time this last Sunday, December 4 on America's favorite television program Yellowstone, there's somebody who comes into the office to seduce Kevin Costner's son, who's the attorney general, and he –

JONES: Hold on. Your phone's breaking up. Shift your phone. I wanna hear this. I head Yellowstone. Get back on your phone. Go ahead. 

JOHN: Sorry. 7:27 PM on Sunday so next – central, the next Sunday that they'll rerun it unless they scrub it now.

JONES: Okay. What happened on the show?

JOHN: She unzips her thing and says we had a 6 PM appointment and he said 6 PM? And she said yeah, 6 PM. There is the 666 embed that Hollywood and TV hurled on TV for seventy years but Hollywood for a hundred, it has put into about a third of the Hollywood films. Now people have their arguments about why. I think it has something to do with Revelations 13:18 in which it says here is wisdom dot dot dot the number of the beast 666. Kanye's pointing out the evils of Hollywood. This may well be a clue and I learned all of this twenty-five years ago from Steve Quail and a conference in Bozeman, Montana.

JONES: Oh yeah. Let's do this, guys, I'm interviewing Dr. Huff again on Saturday at noon. Can we call Steve Quail and ask him pretty please to come on at like 1:30 central after we tape that? They'll air at like four o'clock in the afternoon. We tape shows on Saturday. We're gonna add a little extra articles and nuggets and little juicies to it. So those are really popular shows, get about four million views on average so we love doing those. Thank you for the call, John. Great points. All right, we're gonna come back from the break, go to more calls straight ahead. Tomorrow's news today.