Fox's Jesse Watters blames the “foreign-born population” in California for irrelevance of the Republican Party in the state

Watters: “You do amnesty, you do those special visas, green cards, chain migration, birthright amnesty, you're just loading it up”

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Citation From the September 14, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): But the real issue is immigration has killed the Republican Party in the state of California. The foreign-born population in the state of California is 25%. Foreign-born voters vote 2-to-1 Democrats. You do amnesty, you do those special visas, green cards, chain migration, birthright amnesty, you're just loading it up. We already know Hispanics vote 2-to-1 Democrat, Asians 2-to-1 Democrat, we know Blacks 90% they vote Democrat. So, in a state like that if you throw out a lot of nasty racial attacks to that population, that's you know, we're not all paying attention that much to politics, that's going to move the needle.