MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt said that the Trump administration was the victim of “a lynch mob”

Earlier in October, Hewitt called the impeachment inquiry "a soft coup. ... You think I’m embarrassed by that? I’m not.”

MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt says that Donald Trump is the victim of a lynch mob

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Citation From the October 1, 2019, edition of Salem Radio Network's The Hugh Hewitt show

HUGH HEWITT (HOST): This is an illegitimate impeachment. Totally illegitimate. That phone call, which we did a dramatic reading of in the second hour, which we originally did yesterday, it is completely a hoax — not a hoax in terms of it didn't happen — a hoax about its significance. It was not significant. It's an insignificant phone call.

People are afraid of that. They're afraid to say it, because they're going to get yelled at by Rachel Maddow. You know, Rachel does her thing, good for the resistance.

But it is an insignificant phone call, and any person with a serious background in national security matters will tell you, it was an insignificant phone call.

We need to rally to [Sec. of State] Mike Pompeo, to President Trump, to Attorney General [William] Barr, and to everyone being attacked by this mob, online and on air, trying to turn this into a lynch mob.

It's what I call a soft coup with the — dressed in constitutional clothing. And our friends over at Media Matters — emo, you're listening? Yeah, soft coup, dressed in constitutional clothing.

Quote it again. You think I'm embarrassed by that? I'm not. That's exactly what's happening. And we're not going to let it happen.

We're not going to let it go down without talking about it. And I believe it's going to change America to the right. They are sick and tired of this nonsense. We've got to get back to serious stuff, like the rise of the new China, the aggressive China. And we've got to get away from the fever-swamp left controlling the messages, the narrative, and the reality of what happened in 2015, '16, and '17, which was disgusting.