Tucker Carlson guest: The U.S. military “is completely being feminized, so I don't know how we would fight a hot war”

Heather Mac Donald: “Wouldn't you love to send off these sniveling adolescents to war?”

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Citation From the April 28, 2021, edition of Fox Nation's Tucker Carlson Today

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What would happen if there was an actual crisis in the country --


CARLSON: I mean, COVID's bad, lots of people died, mostly elderly people. But if we had, you know, if there was a --


CARLSON: Well, a war. That's exactly right. We haven't displayed the ability to make wise decisions as a country. 

MAC DONALD: It would be a mystery. But wouldn't you love it, though? Wouldn't you love to send off these sniveling adolescents to war? Of course, it wouldn't work. 

TUCKER: You go, Heather Mac Donald!

MAC DONALD: But the -- you know, we can't even have drill sergeants anymore, because it might help -- hurt the females. You know, they -- they just feel so oppressed. So, even the military now is -- is completely being feminized. So I don't know how we would fight a hot war. 

TUCKER: So, the debate over whether pregnant women make the best fighter pilots, I guess, would be resolved. Like, we know, right?

MAC DONALD: Right, right, right. And  -- and get them in the combat units, where everybody's, like, beating each other up out of jealousy and -- and sexual intrigue. That's really good for combat cohesion.