Fox host says Biden's “puppeteer” made the decision to fire Trump appointees from military advisory boards

Anchor Harris Faulkner: “Which marionette is it?”

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Citation From the September 9, 2021, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): You know, look, Joey always manages to say a whole lot that we can think about the rest of the day. What he's intimating though is something that's very true. So we are now, Joey the way I take what you said -- part of it is we are now getting more comfortable canceling each other --  




FAULKNER: -- than we are canceling the enemy.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY (CO-HOST): Yeah. Great point.

EMILY COMPAGNO (CO-HOST): Right. That's the comfort zone that for some reason the liberal left has put us in. However, we are not standing for it. I mean, I think we talk about this a lot on this couch, that poll numbers reflect and culture topics reflect that real Americans see through that sham and are protesting that. But I have to say, my opinion is that this wasn't Biden at all, it was his puppeteer. But because of his 50-year-long --

FAULKNER: Well, who would that be? 

COMPAGNO: Because of his 50-year-long swamp roots that have grown so deep, he approves it. He approves this vindictive, petty policy, right? 

FAULKNER: I mean, which marionette is it? Can we get a name? 

COMPAGNO: Yeah, exactly.

MCENANY: [National security adviser] Jake Sullivan and --

COMPAGNO: I mean who knows, but I just feel like I don't see this level of cunning coming from him, but I see the approval coming from him, right. So --

FAULKNER: So, I'm sorry, I just wanted to tie two things together. So you mentioned that maybe there's this idea that the American people will forget, and you're saying that maybe there is some puppeteer action going on. We're not stupid. We can do a lot of things at once, and we don't forget.