Fox host dismisses police brutality against Black people, instead blames the videos for sending America toward “a race war”

Greg Gutfeld: “What happens with a race war? The police back off and crime and murder increases”

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Citation From the June 15, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five:

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST):  I think we're leaving our country at the mercy of a dangerous narrative fueled by these horrific videos that can ultimately destroy a country. When you're having 10 million arrests and something like 15 million police encounters a year, you know, ten of these incidents could very easily happen, maybe --  20, twice a month. Maybe you could have two of them a month. If we treat these the way we treat them now, without context, this country is not going to survive. Because every time we are about to make a little bit of progress, it's back to square one with riots and with looting, because we've made it okay. I would urge everybody to go listen to Sam Harris' podcast. He confronts some of the facts that nobody on network TV or cable television will touch. For example, the fact that blacks are 25 percent less likely to be shot during an attempted arrest even though nonwhite officers are more likely to shoot nonwhite suspects. These are facts. 

And the reason why you have to bring up these facts is we have to stop making this a black versus white issue and make it a black-and-white issue. Because right now, the narrative that we are operating under is heading towards a race war. And what happens with a race war? The police back off and crime and murder increases, right? Blacks are six times more likely to be murdered, and not by cops. So, if the cops pull back, that six times is going to become 12 times.

And this Ferguson effect -- you don't need to defund the police right now. It's already done. It's called the Ferguson effect. Cops are going to pull back. They are going to do just 911 duty. They're not going to do any proactive policing. And when there's no proactive policing, that means they only come after the crimes committed. So, that means the thousands of murders, whether it's black on black crime, white on white crime, they're going to  -- they're going to double, they are going to triple. Because we are creating a fiery, incendiary narrative that makes people think that something is happening more often than it isn't, and that it's happening to a certain type of person as opposed to another. The statistics will change your mind on this. I urge you to go listen to the Sam Harris podcast tonight.