Watch Fox’s The Five completely implode after Juan Williams calls out the racist intent behind caravan fearmongering

Greg Gutfeld: "You are obsessed with race. That’s your problem”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Even today the president, who suggested “Oh, guess what, there could be Middle Eastern terrorists among these people, they are all gang members,” -- today, he said, “Well, we don't have proof, but there could be, couldn't be” --

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): That's the point. You don't have a process --

WILLIAMS: That's all he does, he just pushes -- he just pushes the fear button when he doesn't have anything else to say. And to me, what's incredible is my Republican friends buy this stale bread of hatred, because it is so -- so the president even goes farther, he says “I am a nationalist” last night, “you know what, these globalists want to come in here and take over,” “Nationalist,” where have we heard that from? White nationalists, Steve Bannon, that whole line --

GUTFELD: Oh, racist --

WILLIAMS: So horrible, so intentionally divisive, oh, these brown hordes are approaching --

GUTFELD: Don't you think it's divisive to call your fellow Republicans -- your sons are Republicans. You're calling Republicans racist.


GUTFELD: According to Juan's logic, Mexico is also racist because they are trying to limit the immigration as well. They're sending troops to their border. So, clearly, the Mexicans are racist too, Juan. Everybody is racist if they don't agree with you.

WILLIAMS: Oh, you are so -- you are so obsessed with ridiculous arguments to try to --

GUTFELD: If you -- if anybody disagrees with you, you are obsessed with race. That's your problem.

WILLIAMS: Oh, me? You, I think --

GUTFELD: Your filter is nothing but race.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think you have a difficulty acknowledging where there is racial injustice and where someone is using a racial pitch to stir his base in order to try to do better in the midterm elections.


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