Benny Johnson says Joe Biden is “promising away our uranium supply” to “the agents that paid his family”

Media Matters has documented how right-wing media's Uranium One conspiracy theory has been repeatedly and conclusively debunked.

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Citation From the August 9, 2023, edition of The Benny Show, posted to YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): Joe Biden yesterday was in Arizona, promising away our uranium supply, by the way, to the agents that paid his family. The Biden crime family is still on. The game is still on. The game is still afoot. They're still rocking and rolling. The entire purpose of the Biden crime family was to sell out American natural resources. Part of the 20 million dollars is through the Chinese energy company, China Oil, which is trying to buy American oil. American natural resources, the most precious thing that we have in this country - the soil, the land, the treasures underneath our feet. So many countries are not blessed with the richness of what we have here. And Biden just, effectively, made us extra dependent on the Russians and on Africa -- which is a continent that is, like, perpetually and currently in flames, based on Joe Biden's weak foreign policy – for uranium.

Why is uranium important? Well, uranium is used in radiation if you get cancer. Uranium is used in nuclear power plants for clean energy. The best uranium and some of the richest uranium deposits in all of America, Joe Biden just took them off the board by giving nearly a million acres of land – a million acres of Arizona, taking a million acres of an American state and just gobbling it up via federal fiat. Holy, holy schmoly. The next Republican administration needs to come in and just absolutely rip this to shreds. Can you imagine -- are you watching from Arizona right now? How pissed are you? The federal government just come in and take this land.

Also, this happens to reflect another dirty deal. The Biden Inc. model was learned by the Bidens via the Clintons. The Clintons' Uranium One deal. It was a very special deal that Hillary Clinton had a private server for, you may recall. Hillary Clinton's Uranium One deal was when she went to the Russians and, effectively, brokered giving away all of America's uranium to a company called Uranium One, which is a Russian company. And the Clintons got a massive payday for that. This is how the Bidens actually learned this con. And so, now the Bidens are, once again, reinforcing the value of someone else's uranium and not American uranium that we can mine here at home. Wild.