Ben Shapiro on Google memo: “Fewer women are interested in getting into tech because of all of the demands of work-life balance”

From the August 11 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

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BEN SHAPIRO: One of the reasons you don't see as many women in tech is because fewer women are interested in getting into tech because of all of the demands of work-life balance, because of the way, the way that the job itself is done. And so he looks at that, looks at the social science data and he says OK, maybe we can make the jobs more attractive to women by doing X, Y, and Z. And for this he's run out of a rail from Google, which just demonstrates the sort of orthodoxy at Google and if you are a heretic in any way you have to be ousted by the upper echelon.

DANA PERINO (GUEST HOST): I was surprised that he got fired, I mean isn't there something when you're 28 years old you might get you know, a warning, maybe a memo put in your file?

SHAPIRO: You know it got so big I think, it went around the internet so much that Google was forced into a position where all of the quote, unquote “diversity advocates” inside who can't stand an opposing opinion felt they had to make a stink about it in response and thus he had to go. They were afraid that somebody might launch a lawsuit, I mean there were stories about women who were staying home from work because they were so offended. Which of course sort of proves James Damore's point about differences between the sexes, if you want to prove that women are completely the same as men in the workplace, I don't know how many men would've taken off a day for sexism reasons if some women wrote a memo about how bad men are.


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