Unhinged Beck lashes out in response to Obama's SOTU with attacks, conspiracy theories

Responding to President Obama's January 27 State of the Union speech on his radio show the following day, Glenn Beck offered a series of harsh and bizarre comments, ranging from ad hominem attacks on Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Joe Biden to baseless conspiracy theories. Beck claimed that Obama detailed his “enemies' list” during the speech -- a list he compared to similar lists from “radicals” including Lenin and Stalin -- and warned his audience that we may be witnessing “the beginning” of a “dictorial [sic] kind of state” and that Obama will “pick us off to send you a message.”

Beck attacks: Obama an arrogant liar, “punk,” like a husband cheating on a “meaningless wife”

Beck jumps on conservative bandwagon: responds to State of the Union by calling Obama arrogant and a liar. Beck attacked Obama by saying “there's no humility there,” and cited the “the arrogance from the moment this guy walked in” and the “arrogance of the lies that he told last night.” Media Matters previously documented other conservatives responding to the speech by claiming Obama was arrogant or that he lied.

Beck compares Obama's relationship with the American people to a husband cheating on his wife. Beck painted Obama as a cheating husband with “no respect” for his wife -- the American people -- who must be “meaningless” to Obama due to his purported willingness to lie to her:

BECK: If you're cheating on your wife ... and she's got pictures of you doing it with a chick, and you're like, “Honey, no, absolutely not,” do you have any respect for your wife? ... But if you're then treating her like an imbecile -- she's got access to the information -- there's no respect. No respect, and no fear. None. She's meaningless to you. That's what we have in the president.

Beck says Obama is a “punk” for calling out an “equal branch of government” during State of the Union. After playing a clip of Obama disagreeing with the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United case in his address, Beck said: “This is an equal branch of government, and the president, humiliated -- like a punk -- calls them out last night.”

Beck: “Do you know how many children could be fed” with money “in plastic surgery” between Pelosi and Biden? Beck said of Nancy Pelosi's and Joe Biden's appearances at the State of the Union: “Do you know how many children could be fed with just the amount of money in plastic surgery between Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden?” Beck added: “Did you see them sitting behind them -- sitting behind the president last night? Two things came to mind. First of all, I think Nancy Pelosi was just -- she may have a cold or something, she took NyQuil or whatever -- but she just like -- she was staring out in space, a few times I thought she was going to drool. ... I can't even look at her because of the plastic surgery.”

Beck producer: Obama “spit in our face” with his State of the Union address. In response to a clip of Obama's speech where he suggests his goal to move forward with health care reform, Beck's producer Stu Bruguiere said: “He spit in our face last night. I mean, that was just spit in your face.”

Conspiracy theorist: Obama “made an enemies list,” “will pick us off to send you a message,” and the “media is complicit” in conspiracy

Beck says Obama “made an enemies list last night,” suggests Obama's “TV pundits” comment was about him. After referencing Obama's criticism of “TV pundits” for “reduc[ing] serious debates to silly arguments,” Beck suggested that Obama was talking about him, saying “Barack Obama, just mention us by name from here on out.” He then concluded that Obama “made an enemies list last night.” He later added that “Keith, our phone screener, came in this morning and he said, 'Man, I pray for you every night.' He said, 'Did you see that, what the president did?' And I said, 'Yeah.' And he said, 'The only thing he didn't say is, ” Glenn Beck is an instigator." ' And it's -- and I looked at him and said, 'Oh, its coming. It's coming.' "

Beck: Obama's purported “enemies list” like those made by Lenin, Stalin, Chavez. Continuing with his theory that Obama has an “enemies' list” which includes Beck, Beck warned his audience “if you look at the radicals in the past” -- of which Beck named Lenin, Stalin, and Hugo Chavez -- “the enemies list is always the same.” According to Beck, the “enemies list” always includes “the capitalists, the greedy industry owners, the banks, those who are speaking out against this movement” and “the dissenters in the media.”

Beck says Obama criticism of Congress, SCOTUS is “the beginning” of U.S. possibly becoming a “dictorial [sic] kind of state.” In response to Obama's disagreement with a Supreme Court decision and his statement that because the Senate had not passed an amendment that would have established a bipartisan deficit-reduction commission, he planned to create one by executive order, Beck asked: “Do you see what we have been saying, that if you don't respect the balance of power, this could quickly turn into a dictorial [sic] kind of state? You are seeing the beginning of it.”

Beck: the “media is complicit” with purported Obama lies and “damn near treasonous.” Beck said that Obama will “get away” with his purported lies because Obama “knows the media won't corner him.” Beck declared: “The media is complicit. The media is damn near treasonous.”

Beck warned that “they” will “pick us off to send you a message,” but is “begging” his audience to “pick up the torch.” Beck warned his audience that “they” are coming to “shut those people up” who are dissenters, like Beck, and any one who has “a megaphone or a microphone.” He added that “they pick somebody out and make an example of them...all they have to do is pick us off to send you a message.” Beck went on to say that he was “begging” his audience to “do your homework now” and “know the news, know the constitution” because “there may come a time when there are no people speaking out in the media” and “there may be a time when you are the leader. You're the only voice that people will hear.” He concluded: “Please, I beg of you, I beg of you: Pick the torch up, because there may come a time where you are the keeper of the flame, and if you do not pick up that flame when it is handed to you, if you don't pick that torch up, it will go out.” From the January 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: They have to shut those people up who have a megaphone or microphone. They must shut them down. This is why I'm begging you: Please, please -- I've said this now for how many years? From the bottom of my heart, I say this to you. Please, there may come a time when there are no people speaking out in the media. There may come that time. That's why you must do you homework now. You cannot waste another minute. Doing your homework, knowing history, knowing the news, following -- knowing what the Constitution says. There may be a time when you are the leader .You're the only voice that people will hear. Please, I beg of you, I beg of you: Pick the torch up, because there may come a time where you are the keeper of the flame, and if you do not pick up that flame when it is handed to you, if you don't pick that torch up, it will go out.


What did David Axelrod say on ABC? We don't view Fox News as a news organization -- they're not. He followed it with, “And we're not going to treat them that way, and we suggest to you, ABC, that you don't treat them that way, either.” They set an example. They pick somebody out and make an example of them, and then fear does the rest. So he is now getting closer and closer to saying that -- I mean, he is -- the TV pundits in the State of the Union. The only thing he has to do is destroy us. They've already -- I mean, the forces arrayed are staggering. I'm an individual, man. Staggering, the forces arrayed against us. It will happen. I don't expect to, you know -- I don't expect to go out in flames. Maybe I do, but I don't expect -- it's gonna end, at some time it will end. Especially expanding the fight to progressives -- that's both sides now. All they have to do is pick us off to send you a message: You see what we did to them? They had a platform, you've got nothing. Sit down and shut up. Don't you do it.