As Proud Boys are linked to the Capitol attack, Newsmax gives founder Gavin McInnes a friendly interview

McInnes complains that right-wing figures face consequences for their actions

On the January 13 edition of Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show, host Chris Salcedo interviewed Gavin McInnes, the founder of the violent hate group Proud Boys. McInnes used the appearance to complain about instances of right-wing figures being removed from certain platforms.

The Proud Boys has extensive ties to white supremacists and McInnes himself has a long record of making racist and bigoted remarks. In 2017, McInnes released a video titled “10 Things I hate About Jews” in which he used common antisemitic stereotypes. In 2016, McInnes referred to actor Jada Pinkett Smith as a “monkey actress.”

YouTube suspended McInnes' account in 2020 due to violating his policies on hate speech.

While launching the Proud Boys in 2016, McInnis said, “We need more violence from the Trump people.” McInnes has said that the Proud Boys is a “gang” and that the members can achieve the highest level in it is when they “get arrested or [get] in a serious violent fight for the cause.”

VICE reported that a Proud Boys member was at the forefront of the January 6 assault on the Capitol building. In fact, multiple members have been arrested for their actions on January 6, including, Nicholas Ochs, the founder of Proud Boys Hawaii, and Jay Robert Thaxton, who claimed in 2019 that he was a Proud Boys supporter.

The FBI has also said that the arrest of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio days before the attack was linked to the threats on the Capitol.

The Department of Justice is also investigating Proud Boys member Eduard Florea, who was arrested on Tuesday, for further threats to the Capitol and for threatening to murder Georgia’s newly elected Sen. Raphael Warnock (D).

McInnes and host Chris Salcedo, while complaining about alleged left-wing mobs, did not comment on the Proud Boys or the actual assault on the Capitol building at all.

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Citation From the January 13, 2020, edition of Newsmax's The Chris Salcedo Show