Frequent Fox Guest Gavin McInnes Calls Jada Pinkett Smith A “Monkey Actress”

From the January 26 edition of Anthony Cumia's The Gavin McInnes Show:

Video file

GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): My son for example -- I was thinking about this the other day-- he says all this awesome shit and my wife gets to enjoy him more than I do. Like he said -- he was watching some documentary about [inaudible], those monkeys that are most like us.  They're monogamous and cool and they wear suits and they go to work and they use umbrellas and they play cards. They are the most human acting apes. Anyway my son's watching it and he's eating popcorn and he thinks he recognizes one of them from another movie and he goes “oh I like this,” he's got a kind of a bit of a lisp, he goes “oh I like this monkey actress.” Which is what I said when Jada Pinkett Smith did her video about the Oscars.

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